AON has  received a lot of calls from retirees who believe that they need to confirm or re-enroll into their current Medicare plan(s) for 2016.  Can you help us and them spread the word?  If retirees and their dependents are happy with their current plan – they do not need to re-enroll each year!  They will automatically be renewed (with no medical questions, even for Medigap renewals!) and remain covered as long as they continue to pay their premiums in 2016. NO ACTION IS NEEDED.

The only exception to this is if their carrier’s plan is ending and won’t be available in 2016.  For reference, this is a very small number and the retiree would have been notified by the insurance company if that were happening.  If they have not received materials from their carrier yet or have specific questions, they can contact their carrier directly using the phone number provided on their insurance card.

AT&T and AON Need Your Help!

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