A management retiree who took the 2000 retirement  offer BUT was extended into 2001 like others appealed AT&T 2017 dental costs (she is under age 65). After almost 6 months the appeal has been granted in her favor and she will be “made whole” with a return of any premiums paid since her retirement (2001 in her case).

This appeal has resulted in an audit by AT&T to identify others who also took this offer and paid dental premiums. This applies to the management folks only who left under that offer either in 2000 or who were extended into 2001. If this applies to you… YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!!! 

EVEN if you are in the AON exchange today you will be part of the audit as a retiree from that time period. 

You will hear directly from AT&T benefits in the future… 

The SNET Retirees Association was glad to assist in this appeal.

Maybe you might like to join the SRA if you are not a member yet . 

Dental Premium Appeal

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