AT&T  employees, retirees and other health program participants will receive in late January 2016  important information about their 2015 healthcare coverage.  This will apply to all retirees enrolled in an AT&T group health program, CarePlus or an HRA, including a Medicare Exchange HRA.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to send IRS Form 1095-C (Form) to all eligible employees and health coverage participants beginning with Plan year 2015. At AT&T, Plan year means calendar year 2015, and Health coverage includes an AT&T Medical, CarePlus, or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) benefit plan or program. AT&T employees, former employees, and dependents (including survivors/COBRA dependents) will receive the Form in late January.

The ACA requires all Americans to have qualifying health coverage or pay a tax penalty. Tax filers (you)  will have to include information from the Form 1095-C (that AT&T will send out)  on their 2015 income tax return to establish whether or not they have coverage that meets this requirement. AT&T Health coverage satisfies the ACA requirement for qualifying health coverage. Participants are advised to speak with their tax advisor or access, for additional information about the Form or any potential tax penalty.

A communication piece will be sent to all AT&T employees, retirees and other health program participants the week of November 16th.  Additional communications will be sent out through the end of the year.

Information About 2015 Health Coverage to Come

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