AT&T Retiree Wireless and U-verse Discount Program Notification

Dear Retirees:

As a new or existing participant we would like to notify you of some key aspects of the discount programs
which are as follows:

1) Effortless Enrollment: At the new AT & T Employee & Retiree Discount Enrollment Self -Services Site, you can review discount plans, order new services, and enroll for available discounts. Take a few minutes to review your account(s) and make sure you have the best plans and products for you and your family.

2) Manage Your Account Anywhere, Anytime: Don’t forget that you can shop and manage your account from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can login from or download the app from your mobile device at for anytime access to your account.

3) Discount Terms & Conditions: For new and current participants in AT&T Employee Discount Programs (Retired Employees), your continued enrollment in the discount plan(s) after this notice constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions which include:

  • Enroll in paperless billing and receive your bills electronically*
  • Make payments through available payment method options not requiring a credit/debit card**
  • Discount program participation may not be combined with other consumer-offered promotions
  • AT & T may use your personal account information for internal purposes, like sending you special offers. We may also use your information anonymously and in aggregated (grouped) fashion to study how retirees are using the d iscount programs and in other ways that would improve our service.

A copy of the updated Terms and Conditions may be found at the end of this correspondence. Take advantage of some great U-verse and Wireless discount offers available.*** Have you heard?

  • 30%off- all applicable Wireless Rate Plans and features on up to two accounts in your name including 40% off select accessories
  • 50% off-AT&T Wireless Home Phone is a low-cost altern ative to traditional home phone service – get unlimited local and long distance calling for only $10 a month! To learn more visit
  • 50% off – AT&T Wireless Home Phone and Internet provides you with ultra-fast Internet access and unlimited local and long distance calling f or $15/month when added to your 10GB or higher Mobile Share Value plan; or choose a standalone plan with unlimited local and long distance calling and up to 30GB of montly data allowance. To learn more visit

*System implementation for eBill w1th paper suppress1on will begin after Augu st 1, 2015
**System implementation for credit and for debit card restrictions will begin after Aug ust 1, 2015
***Wireless Discount: Eligibility restrictions apply. Discount applies to eligible wireless lines o f service on up to 2 accounts & includes 30% off of plans inc luding voice, data & messag1ng serv1ce, & 40% off eligible accessories. Discount may not be combinable with other discounts/c red its & may be changed, discontinued, or terminated at any time without notice. If you are eligible to receive the discount, and once you are enrolled you can visit at any time for eligible accessories & full discount requirements. General Wireless Service Terms: Subject to Wireless Customer Agreement. Credit approval required. Coverage & services not available everywhere. Other charges & restrictions apply & may result in service termination. Other Monthly Charges/Line: May include taxes, & fed./state universal service charges, Reg. Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), gross receipts surcharge, Admin. Fees, & other government assessments which are not government required charges.

PLEASE READ these Terms and Conditions very carefully: As a participant in the AT & T Employee Discount Program (EDP) you are subject to all of the following Terms and Conditions. Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions will result in the loss of any discount and removal from participation in the program. EDP is not a contract or assurance of compensation, continued employment, or ERISA benefit of any kind. AT&T, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to amend, modify, change or discontinue all or any part of the AT&T Employee Discount Program at any time.

  • You are eligible to participate in the AT&T Employee Discount Program (EDP) for retired employees if you satisfy the post-employment eligibility rule in the applicable comprehensive medical program.
  • Discount eligibility is limited to those areas or markets where AT&T provided service and products are available.
  • All AT&T service account(s) must be registered in the name of the eligible retiree who must be financially responsible for payment on all accounts that are discounted in his/her name.
  • To maintain eligibility, all AT&T accounts for which the retiree is financially responsible must be current and in good standing.
    • As new services or accounts are opened, any retiree who has an unpaid balance on any AT&T account (including any balances that may be charged off or are in collections) will be required to provide proof of payment and will be ineligible to add a new service account for so long as the balance remains unpaid.
    • In the event that a retiree fails to make timely payments, all normal collection procedures will apply. Further, all unpaid accounts may be suspended until payments are received.
  • Business accounts are not eligible to participate in the EDP.
  • Participating in the EDP does not modify, alter or supersede any existing contracts between you and AT&T. You will remain subject to all requirements of any applicable contracts and service agreements (along with the requirements to resolve disputes by arbitration as specified therein) including, without limitation: AT&T Wireless Customer Agreement, AT&T High Speed Internet Terms of Service, and AT&T U-verse® Voice and TV General Terms of Service. If there is a conflict between the EDP Terms and Conditions and any other cont ract between you and AT&T, the provisions of the other contract will take precedence over the EDP Terms and Conditions.
  • Discounted AT&T residential services (i.e., U-verse® High Speed Internet, U-verse® TV and U-verse® Voice) must be registered in the name and social security number of the eligible retiree and are only available for services provided at the eligible retiree’s primary home address which may be determined by AT&T’s billing system and the
    official address of record maintained to provide your post-employment medical benefits.
  • Retirees are not eligible to concurrently participate in the EDP and any other type of consumer-offered promotional/discount plan, unless otherwise stated in a special, limited-time only, product-specific retiree offer.
  • Discounted AT&T service account(s) are intended for personal use only. Resale of any discounted product andjor service is expressly prohibited and may result in disqualification from the EDP and removal of the discount.
  • AT&T may periodically review a retiree’s personal AT&T account profile in order to do things like confirm discount eligibility and compliance with discount program requirements.
  • AT&T may use your account information for marketing to you or in anonymous and aggregate fashion to improve our services and customer experience. AT&T may use retiree contact information, unique identifiers, personal AT&T account profile and related activity to help improve AT&T services, for instance as a part of anonymous and
    aggregate AT&T retiree product utilization and EDP participation rate reports, marketing campaigns to encourage retiree participation in the EDP, or AT&T retiree product surveys. Retiree personal account information will be used for AT&T internal purposes only.
  • Eligible retirees who participate in EDP must sign up for AT&Te-Bill (electronic bill) with paper suppression (cancel receipt of paper billing).
  • Eligible retirees must also pay bills for all discounted services via a method that does not utilize a credit or debit card. Accept able methods of payment include:
    • Automatic bill payment (Auto-Pay) which allows the payment to be drafted from a checking or savings account at your financial institution
    • One-time payments on or by phone using your checking or savings account
    • Online banking/bill-pay through the website of your financial institution
    • Personal check, money order or cashier’s check via U.S. mail
    • Cash, money order, cashier’s check or personal check at automated payment stations within Company-owned retail stores

By participating in the Employee Discount Program and receiving program discounts you acknowledge and agree to satisfy all requirements specified in these Terms and Conditions, which may be modified or amended from time to time. If you do not agree to any of the requirements in the Terms and Conditions (including subsequent modifications or amendments) your sole recourse is to discontinue participation in the Employee Discount Program which will result in the removal of any associated program discounts from your account. If you discontinue participation in the Employee Discount Program you will remain responsible for the obligations associated with any existing contract for service between you and AT&T.

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