Annual Meetings 2022 Update

Annual Meetings 2022 Update

It was a tough call to make. Each June and December the SRA determines the meetings that we hope to have with you in Connecticut and in Florida. This past December we booked the four locations for the meetings in the Sunshine State. Great right? We will see folks who always come and there is always a first timer attending.  

January rolls in and the Covid numbers are rising each day, again.  Concern for all was the driver to cancel the scheduled meetings prior to the mailers going out for the meetings to each of you.

We did send an email blast to all as well as post it on the website that the meetings would not be held. I also recognize that some of you do not use a computer but that was the best way to handle the notice without cost.

So many have seen or know of someone who has been impacted by the virus and the variants and it just was not worth taking a chance, as I am sure you would agree.

We will plan the SRA gathering at Holiday Hill for September 2022 and will mail the notices in late July.  

Then come December we will try again for the Florida gatherings in 2023. Gosh that seems far away but the planning of these does take time and we will do our best to have them once again.