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The SNET Retirees Association was established by a group of retirees who believed although they are no longer an active part of the AT&T Corporation; they do not want to be forgotten when it comes to retirement benefits promised to them at retirement and cost of living adjustments for everyone on fixed retirement incomes. We need to keep abreast of issues that affect us in today’s changing world. And when these issues are brought to our attention by our members, the SNET Retirees Association Executive Board then contacts AT&T to assist in resolving these items.

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2021 Heath Care Letters from AT&T COMING

ATTENTION ATTENTION ALL RETIREES from AT&T AT&T has notified the SRA and other retiree associations’ leadership that they have mailed a letter to all retirees regarding 2021 healthcare plan changes. There is a different letter for grandfathered retirees and dependents

Thanks to all VETERANS

We are free to believe in God, free to read and write what we like, free to vote who we choose, free to live where we like and free to make change to our lives without fear of percussion .


AT&T retirees enrolled in Humana Wal Mart prescription drug plan are being “crossed walked” (defaulted) into a new Humana prescription drug plan. The defaulted plan is Premier Rx PDP which has a higher premium but is considered a richer plan. 

AON Message To SRA Members & Dependents

AT&T informed the SRA and other retiree associations today that AON will be contacting retirees (and dependents) who use the AON Exchange to offer them a “scheduled appointment” to review their healthcare coverage plan(s) for 2020 in advance of the