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The SNET Retirees Association was established by a group of retirees who believed although they are no longer an active part of the AT&T Corporation; they do not want to be forgotten when it comes to retirement benefits promised to them at retirement and cost of living adjustments for everyone on fixed retirement incomes. We need to keep abreast of issues that affect us in today’s changing world. And when these issues are brought to our attention by our members, the SNET Retirees Association Executive Board then contacts AT&T to assist in resolving these items.

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    Happy Thanks Giving

    How fortunate I have been this year to have stayed safe and healthy. A day does not go by when I am not grateful for all that I have been blessed by. Yes, hard work, great family, and friends all

    The Second Breakup of AT&T

    By Scott Moritz|Nov. 6th, 2020  AT&T Inc. has been called many things over its 135-year history: Ma Bell, monopoly, media conglomerate.   The company, which traces its roots to the patent rights of telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell, was the dominant phone company for much of

    Grandfathered Retirees Confirmation Statements Error

    AT&T has confirmed to the SRA that Grandfathered retirees received Confirmation Statements for 2021 Benefits that reflected Silverscripts would be the drug carrier . THIS IS NOT ACCURATE the drug carrier will be UHC and new Confirmation Statements will be

    YALE NHH & UHC Confusion

    I received a message from AT&T SR. VP Benefits this AM regarding Yale NHH accepting UHC. In essence these are the FACTS . It appears folks on this site and others are confusing an individual Medicare Advantage policy (like what