Founding Treasurer of the SRA Passes Away

Founding Treasurer of the SRA Passes Away

Robert (Bob) Archambault 


Our dear friend Bob Archambault has departed this world for a far better place. If you knew Bob, he was a friend for life. His commitment to his faith, family, community, his country, and fellow retirees was unsurpassed all of his life. He was involved in so many volunteer organizations as well as wearing many hats for all of them over the years.  He was the kind of guy who raised his hand to do the work not to designate the work.

During his working years at SNET/ AT&T he was highly regarded and would calculate pension for folks with pencil and paper to ensure the amount was accurate even though it came from the pension advisors. His commitment found mistakes over the years.

Arch’s commitment was even more evident with several other retirees who founded the SRA at the time of the SNET & SBC (now AT&T) takeover.  He was retired!!!  Concern about current retirees’ pensions and benefits drove him to ensure that their pensions were to be protected as well as healthcare benefits going forward. They formed a 401 C corporation in order to be heard by the DPUC at that time. He was the driving force for the SRA to purchase shares in SBC/AT&T so that if we needed to grab the company’s attention, we would be able to do so as shareholders. He was right. We are all so grateful for effort and commitment that never wavered.

Our sincere condolences to his lovely wife Marilyn, his daughters who he adored and his grandchildren who he was so proud of and enjoyed sharing their achievements.

A gentle man and a gentleman always...

Rest In Peace Dear Friend