URGENT: AT&T Retiree Incorrect ID Cards Sent

 URGENT: AT&T Retiree Incorrect ID Cards Sent


AT&T executives have informed the retiree associations that during the printing & distribution of the AT&T MAPD (only) ID card at UnitedHealthcare. there has been an error in the processing of a file, and a number of our retirees were sent an ID card for a different plan member. Everyone has been identified who received the wrong ID card. But due to the error, the Welcome Kit they received included another member’s ID card.

AT&T is working very closely with UnitedHealthcare to remediate the situation ASAP. The main priority is to work with UHC to get correct ID cards in the mail, so that the retirees' care is not disrupted beginning in the new year.

UnitedHealthcare’s Privacy group is also working with AT&T to ensure that all regulations are followed related to the incorrect ID cards being sent.

We have been asked to share this information with you and to let you know that AT&T is aware of the situation and working on it as quickly as possible.

Retirees can call UnitedHealthcare at 1-866-819-3448 if they have specific questions.

Impacted folks should receive their correct ID card in the mail as well as any other correspondence that UnitedHealthcare may send regarding the incorrect mailing.