Info Regarding Billing & Payments for AT&T Medicare Advantage Plan for 2024

Info Regarding Billing & Payments for AT&T Medicare Advantage Plan for 2024

Q) When will I receive my bill?

A) Your bill is created on the 9th of each month and mailed on the 10th. You should allow an additional 1 to 5 business days for postal delivery. If you are set up to use Automatic Payments, you will not receive a bill in the mail.

Please note: If you enroll into a MAPD Plan before 12/7/23 you will receive a bill in December 2023. If you change your elections or enroll into the MAPD Plan after 12/7/23 you may receive your 1st bill in January which will include January and February premiums.

Q) What if I am new to billing?

A) Your first bill will be accompanied with an informational letter outlining the billing process, due dates, payment options, and how you can have your contributions automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account.

Q) When is my payment due?

A) Typically, your bill payment is due on the 1st of the month. Payment due dates may vary in the following situations:

  • You’re receiving your first bill.
  • Your bill shows a payment delinquency.
  • If one of these situations applies to you, make sure that you check your bill to determine when your payment is due.

Q) How do I pay my premiums?

A) You can pay your premiums through check, money order, or automatic enrollment.

NOTE: Members on Pension with Fidelity may have any deductions taken through their pension check. You have the right to opt out of automatic pension deductions and elect to be billed.

Q) Why is the amount of my first bill larger than I expected?

A) The amount of your first bill may be larger because it may include more than one month of coverage and is retroactive to the date that your employer-provided coverage ended, or the last day for which your benefits were paid through payroll deductions.