We Heard You!

We Heard You!

So many of you have asked about another gathering of our members even if we need to contribute more towards the cost. Some have said collect dues again and some have suggested have guests of members pay more or just go to a pavilion and meet up. So, we began to look at the options available to us.

Do a breakfast, do a lunch, do a late day cocktail/snack event etc. etc. etc. …

Well, we are going to do something this year for our members!!!  We have begun to work on the details but not completed as of this writing.

We are seeking out a central location that will have ample parking, handicap access, air conditioning and a smaller space that will allow for better areas for conversation and catching up with one another. 

The bottom line is we will need to sell some of our AT&T shares to accomplish this event as well as pay for other expenses for this year’s newsletters as we anticipated several years ago.   Well, we are here.  

We will keep you posted