AT&T 2023 Benefit Plan Changes for Retirees

AT&T 2023 Benefit Plan Changes for Retirees

Each fall AT&T shares with the retiree groups the changes that will be implemented for the upcoming year regarding healthcare benefits.

In 2023 there will be no changes to those on Medicare and currently enrolled in the <highlight-bold>AT&T Medicare Advantage Plan.<highlight-bold> The monthly premium will remain at zero cost for the retiree and $88 + - per dependent.  If you or your dependent enrolls in this plan there is no funding for a health savings account from AT&T. If you do have money remaining in a HSA you may use your balance as per the plan provisions until account funds are depleted.

If you are enrolled in health and/or drug plans through Alright (AON) and choose to make no changes you do not have to do anything. Your HSA will be funded accordingly. You should always check your plan coverage costs as most plans will see premium increases. Pricing for 2023 should be available from your carriers on Oct 1st.

AT&T made no commitment at this time to fund HSAs beyond 2023 and is well aware any future funding is of great importance to many.  

Enrollment for those who are Medicare eligible will follow the government enrollment period of October 15th to December 7th.

Retirees and or their dependents who are NOT Medicare eligible will see the most changes in 2023 to the medical and dental benefit plan offerings from AT&T. Enrollment will begin on October 17th through November 11th with the AT&T Benefit help site up and available for comparisons prior to enrollment periods beginning October 6th. Mailings will also be going on at that time for this non Medicare group.

If you or a dependent falls in the group you need to take great care when making selections for 2023.

The plan names are changing which also reflects level of coverage, monthly premiums, deductible amounts, out of pocket expenses and the network of doctors and facilities that will be available in each plan. One of the plan offerings due to its structure will not allow you to personally fund a HAS (IRS rulings).

CarePlus will remain at current costs for all.