AT&T Long-Term Care Plan Restructures: Coverage Continues Directly with John Hancock

AT&T Long-Term Care Plan Restructures: Coverage Continues Directly with John Hancock

AT&T has notified participants in the AT&T CONSOLIDATED LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE PROGRAM that it is being terminated as an AT&T plan.

The AT&T Consolidated Long-Term Care Insurance Program is being terminated, effective May 31, 2024. Coverage will continue through a direct relationship with the insurer. The billing has been directly between John Hancock and employees & retirees for some time now. The notice is merely a formality, to align the plan structure with the current direct relationship of John Hancock with employees/retirees. While the Plan/policy is terminated, as an AT&T plan the change does not affect the coverage at all, as the coverage will continue under the continuation of coverage section of the Certificate of Insurance, and John Hancock will continue to abide by all benefit provisions as provided under both the Policy and the Certificate of Insurance, as long as premiums continue to be paid timely. The Certificate of Insurance was provided previously directly from John Hancock.

There are also a variety of other information out there, including a statement of benefits, which would outline their current benefit amounts. You do not need to take any action at this time to continue coverage but if the retiree would like to get another copy of coverage, they can sign-in/register on the John Hancock online portal (

John Hancock will continue to have the ability to adjust premiums in the future, as they have in the past, under the existing provisions of the certificate

Any questions should be directed to John Hancock at 1-888-588-7712 (TTY for the hearing impaired 1-800-555-5421).  They are available M-F, 8am-5pm ET.