AT&T Shareholder Proxy Details

AT&T Shareholder Proxy Details

023 ANNUAL MEETING INFORMATION Time 3:30 p.m. Central time Date Thursday May 18, 2023 

Place: ATTENDING THE MEETING You may access the meeting by going to and following the prompts, which will ask you for your control number, on your Proxy Card or your Notice of Internet Availability. If you do not have a control number, contact your broker for access or follow the instructions sent with your proxy materials

DETERMINATION OF NUMBER OF GLOBAL EMPLOYEES USING THE MEASUREMENT DATE OF OCTOBER 1, 2022 Step 1: Identify all active US-based employees 139,422. Step 2:  Identify all active non-US based employees in foreign countries with our largest employee populations: 20,686 Mexico, 18,239 Slovakia, 2,447. Step 3: Identify all active non-US based employees in the other 53 foreign countries: 6,366

Total number of active global employees excluding the CEO 166,474.

CEO PAY RATIO:  We determined the pay ratio by dividing the total 2022 compensation of the CEO as disclosed in the Summary Compensation Table by the total 2022 compensation of the median employee, using the same components of compensation and valuation methodology as used in the Summary Compensation Table for the CEO. The total compensation of our median employee is $104,509. The final pay ratio calculation is 219:1. 

Determination of CEO Pay Ratio: 

Step 1 Total compensation of the CEO:1 $22,915,526 

Step 2 Total compensation of the median employee2 $ 104,509

Step 3 Divide compensation of the CEO by the median employee: 219.0 Result

CEO pay ratio 219:1 

(Includes the value of Mr. Stankey’s the cost of group health and welfare benefits.