Frontier Notifies Retirees of Changes to Calling Plans

Frontier Notifies Retirees of Changes to Calling Plans

<byline>By JoAnn Alix-Gagain<byline>

If you currently have landline phone services in CT with Frontier Communications you have or will be receiving notice via email and or USPS that they are eliminating the plan that most retirees are using today.

You need to take action on your own should you receive this notice. Frontier is doing this on rolling calendar and everyone will not be notified at the same time.

Please be aware of the below facts.

  1. Frontier as SNET, SBC and AT&T has had every right as businesses to change the calling plans that they offer up to and including elimination of a plan offering.
  2. The SRA has never became involved in Frontier’s   dealing with retirees’ calling plans or  concessions as the concession is not a “protected benefit” under the law.
  3. We also do not get involved in concessions for cell, wireline or TV or other product offerings AT&T as well unless it involves loss to “grandfathered” retirees.
  4. Frontier is doing a   graduated  rollout offering  of  3 or 4 new  plans to all  the residents in CT who have who have a calling plan that they no longer will support. If you don’t call by a date that Frontier states in your notice the company will select a plan for you. So you have to take action.
  5. The letter as well when you call into the special # 800 provided for this  change out it is clearly stated that  if you get a concession today  you will continue to receive it on one line as it always was.

I hope this has clarified the matter for you.