Future of the SRA 

Future of the SRA 

<byline>By JoAnn Alix-Gagain<byline>

What a crowd we had on Sept 14th for our last event at Holiday Hill. The weather could not have been better for our gathering.  Some of the folks have never missed one and some attended for the first time.  It was great to see everyone again.

Thanks to everyone who inquired about my heath or wondered why we are throwing in the towel and not going to get together anymore.  Let me state clearly I am just great and the SRA Board of Directors is not throwing in the towel just yet. 

However we do have limiting reserves as we have addressed in the last two newsletters and at our gatherings. 

The Holiday Hill venue is expensive due to the amenities offered that we really don’t use and the wonderful food we have each year. They have been very good to us. 

Your board voted to sell our Warner shares this past spring and we did net additional funds that enabled us to subsidize the picnic as always.  Additionally, we will have our three FL gatherings as well in 2024 as those are always behind Holiday Hill.  And we will do the spring newsletter in 2024.   

It was always our intention to get through this benefit enrollment period to help folks transition and provide as much information as we could due to the changes that AT&T is making for 2024 for some retirees.  We are meeting that commitment. 

The Board will then assess where we are and determine if we should sell our AT&T shares to continue with the newsletter and possibly do another gathering at a different venue.  Just not clear yet. 

So, stay tuned as we are in this together and have been since the founding of the SRA in 1998.

May you all be blessed with good health and wonderment as we move into the holidays.