2024 Benefit Planning

2024 Benefit Planning

<byline>To: SRA Members; From: JoAnn Alix-Gagain, President <byline>

AT&T informed the retiree associations and union leadership around the country that they will no longer fund the current reimbursement accounts after 2023. Funds will be added for the benefit year beginning January 1, 2023.  This did not come as any surprise to the SRA.

This announcement has no bearing on your choices or the enrollment periods for benefits for 2023.

Your current accounts will remain available to you should you have ‘leftover’ money in your accounts for your use for eligible out of pocket expenses beyond 2023.

AT&T also stated that beginning for the benefit year of 2024 and beyond  the Company will offer the  company health care plan for those who are Medicare eligible through AT&T Medicare Advantage Plan and the premium for retirees will be zero cost and for a dependent $50.  For the years of 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 there will be zero premium cost for retiree and the dependent.

If in the benefit year of  2024 if you choose to remain with any other plans as a Medicare eligible retiree or a dependent   such as a Supplemental Plan F or G or another Advantage Plan you will not be given any money from AT&T to subsidize the premiums as you have had in the past .

AT&T shared this info a year in advance so that folks can make informed choices sooner rather than later. You will all be receiving this announcement from AT&T beginning this week with more to come over the upcoming months.