AON Message To SRA Members & Dependents

AT&T informed the SRA and other retiree associations today that AON will be contacting retirees (and dependents) who use the AON Exchange to offer them a“scheduled appointment” to review their healthcare coverage plan(s) for 2020 in advance of the annual enrollment.  Those who have been enrolled via AON since 2015 will be the only ones receiving this offering at this time. Grandfathered retirees are not involved.

Be aware that if you currently have Plan C or F for2019 as a medical supplemental plan, and you choose to change it going forward, you cannot return to either of those plans ever again as they will be discontinued permanently beginning in 2020.  Also, changing a coverage plan may also require a healthcare questionnaire from a new carrier.

TheSRA is also concerned as prices for 2020 plans are not available until afterOctober 1st.  Therefore, in my opinion, with the "scheduled appointments" set to begin in late July, you will not have all necessary information to make a cost comparison between plans.  I have asked AT&T about this issue and a response is pending from AON to AT&T.

These“review” appointments with AON are not mandatory in any way, and you are not required to make any changes.  The SRA advises you all to be very careful.