Fall Reminders

Open enrollment begins Oct 15th for Medicare participants. Be sure to renew/enroll in at least one health and or drug plan through AON if you eligible for the full amount of reimbursement money from AT&T. Remember to update your addresses if you have moved even in the same state with your health care plans as zip codes drive your premium costs too.

Do a check list for all items in your life that include beneficiaries to be sure no changes are needed. Including life insurances,real estate, safe deposit boxes, car titles, bank accounts etc...AND never ever assume your family "knows what you want" . WRITE it down , tell them, talk about your end of life preferences or someone else will decide for you! They want to have the conversation too but are sometimes are afraid you will be offended. Don't put it off. It is good planning at any age because it can be a huge expense for your loved ones unless you do plan and they know the plan .