Humana Drug Plans for 2020

Humana Drug Plans for 2020

AT&T retirees enrolled in Humana Wal-Mart prescription drug plan are being “crossed walked” (defaulted) into a new Humana prescription drug plan.

The defaulted plan is Premier Rx PDP which has a higher premium but is considered a richer plan. For some retirees, their prescription drug costs may be less.

Humana sent the Annual Notice of Coverage (ANOC) to the impacted retirees. The notification was post-marked by 10/1. 

If the retiree prefers a different plan other than the default plan, then an appointment can be scheduled with the Benefits Advisor.

The deadline to make plan changes is 12/7 because the default to Premier Rx PDP does not constitute a special enrollment period.


  • All impacted retirees may contact the AONExchange if assistance is needed.
  • Accounts of the Humana Wal-Mart enrollees have been noted with comments regarding the price increase.
  • A Web Alert will be posted for all Humana Wal-Mart enrollees to highlight the impact of the premium increase and default coverage.
  • Humana will be making automated calls to ensure those impacted are aware of the change and reference the ANOC for additional information.Timing of the calls will be determined.
  • Retirees will be assisted in evaluating their coverage with the Exchange agent and are not being referred to Humana.
  • If the retiree took action because of the ANOC and called Humana directly, Aon will maintain Agent of Record status and there will be no impact to premium auto reimbursement or HRA eligibility that is tied to the enrollment.