My Fellow Retirees...

My Fellow Retirees...

Some of you have received your AT&T Annual Shareholder Report along with the Proxy Statement.

I ask of all of to tell anyone you are in contact including your family, neighbors, brokers and money managers who may own AT&T shares to vote <highlight-bold>NO<highlight-bold> for the AT&T Board of Director slots that are open and the Executive Compensation Plan proposal put forth by AT&T. And on Item # 4 to vote <highlight-bold>FOR<highlight-bold> the shareholder proposal. We beat down their compensation plan last year; let's do it again.

The AT&T Executives and Boards of Directors are making far too much money and receiving shares and life insurance that exceed common sense. It is deplorable that they cut life insurances and eliminate some folks who had a death benefit too.

They know it too!!! They bring back retirees at the highest levels to find ways to cut expenses, while paying over a million dollars per executive plus a bonus if they find ways to save money. And then they leave again with more in their pockets. But they did it on your back and slashing dividends.

Plus, they have enough money to sponsor mega sports stadiums, tennis matches, golf tournaments, etc. in the hopes of securing new customers!!! When did you ever go to a game and change your carrier?

Read the report online and really see what kind of company AT&T has become. Those who have and those who do not.

<byline>JOANN ALIX-GAGAIN<byline>
<byline>President <byline>
<byline>SNET RETIREES ASSOC. Inc <byline>