New AT&T Medical Plan Enrollment Issue

There has been a known error impacting ~1,600 folks across the country and resolution started happening last week. There is an outreach campaign happening depending on if action is or is not needed with the folks impacted with priority on 44 across the country who will need to take action (calls started Thursday afternoon).

<highlight-bold> Note, those impacted should receive a call from UHC. Retirees should WAIT for the call if applicable. <highlight-bold>

UHC customer service reps are aware of the issue and will be able to assist with inbound questions concerning this issue.

We also know that some folks have yet to receive new cards for the new AT&T UHC Advantage Plan for 2021. THEY HAVE BEEN MAILED. Many post offices around the country are not able to handle normal deliveries loads due to the pandemic. <highlight-bold> It is not the fault of AT&T. <highlight-bold>